Thank you for your booking. I am glad that you will be joining our Live Online Kundalini Awakening Session soon. 24hrs before  our session you will get a reminder and before our session I will send you a link with a bit more detail and the link the Spotify playlist that we will be using.

Kundalini Awakening

Part of my coaching is activating the dorment Kundalini energy in my clients. There is an innate intelligence in your system that knows exactly how to realign itself in order for this energy to flow.

Since Kundalini is a very potent and strong energy I use a passive form of Kundalini Awakening. Unlike many forms of Kundalini yoga which requires visualisations, breathwork and intention setting, I simply ask my clients to lie down and allow for to come up whatever comes up.

In a session a field of receptivity opens up which allow for the system of the client to connect to it's intelligence without the head getting in the way.
Clients report a wide reange of improvements on physical, mental and psychological health back to me, such as: losing their fear of flying, lessening pain, faster healing, strong tantric abilities, better relationships, dropping away of fears, higher self-esteem, clarity on what they want to do with their life.
It can't be predicted what will come out of a session, but all that is needed is a trust that your system knows what is best.

Kundalini Activation Session

- Testimonial: Online 1-on-1 Kundalini Session -

I highly recommend doing a Kundalini session with Marnix.  I have experienced an in person and a virtual session with him recently and both were very profound, relaxing and healing experiences.  I felt a powerful "letting go" of trapped emotion and tension.  The soundtrack is great and I appreciate being able to have this session in the comfort of my own home.  Marnix is a very inspiring spiritual guide.

Online Kundalini Awakening Review

Vicky Buchanan MD,  Integrative Medicine, Chicago, IL.